Our Story

At school, we are always taught to have perseverance, self-discipline, initiation and confidence, but we seldom realize our needs to improve. In the summer of 2022, the 3 of us met during the activities held by Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association (HKYSUA). We got in touch with different groups of people and had a deeper understanding of society as well as ourselves. With the consensus that we lack the aforementioned qualities, we believe most of the younger generation have the same issue as us. Hence, we decided to form an association, hoping to influence more young people, learn and grow together, and contribute to society.


On 11 July 2022, Hong Kong Inter-university BigBoat Association was established with the support of HKYSUA!


Vice Chairperson

Vice Chairperson

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Our Vision

We aim to help youngsters in Hong Kong develop a healthy and positive personality through SEAMANSHIP training and COMMUNITY SERVICES. 


Using BigBoat as a platform to provide water sports training and voluntary activities allows participants to build up correct values and views on life, and enhance empathy and cohesion, thereby rebuilding the public confidence in young people, and spreading positive energy to society.

Our Team